Welcome to Aw Else Boutique Mar’tique [mar-teek]

Our NEW Shopping Marketplace.

So, what is a Mar’tique anyway? It’s a hybrid; a marketplace + boutique.  An All-in-One shopping experience with the convenience of a marketplace filled with adorable and specialty boutique items that everyone loves.

From trendy fashions to home decor, we have your best styles at hand. Shop our new and improved market boutique (mar’tique).

Why Customers Love Us


Sherrie's a fan. Find out why.

Sherrie Says:

When you shop at Aw Else Boutique, you are getting more than whatever piece you buy. You are getting a personal stylist, a supporter that is about empowering women to be confident and to feel our most beautiful each and every day. That’s what keeps me coming back.


What This Customer Had To Say

Bernie Says:

This boutique is a hidden treasure where you can find just about everything. It is a small place but don’t let that fool you. It is packed with merchandise displayed in an inviting stylish way. Go shop there today! You won’t be sorry.


What Does Carl Think?

Carl's Says:

Bought my wife jewelry she had been mentioning she wanted but couldn’t find. I found Aw Else and they worked with me to find the personalized piece she was looking for. She loved it!! It’s husband-proof!


What Christa says about our Fashion Goodies

Christa's Says:

Came home to my package of fashion‬ goodies from Aw Else Boutique! ‪Thank you‬!!